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New Keeper... Kinda.

So I am new here and sort of new to keeping Tarantulas. My father had a Grammostola rosea when I was a teenager. He got it on a whim. My mother absolutely hated her but me and my sister loved her. I currently have 2 T's a B. albopilosum (or T. albopilosus as it is now known), and a Caribena laeta who is just about to change from blue to pink. It is in pre-molt and I can see the new pink underneath the blue. I have had them both for about 3 months and the B. albo has molted once and is about 1 3/4". I got it at about 1". The C. laeta has molted twice in my care and this will be the third so I am guessing 4th instar? Here are some pics of my T's. I will be getting a Grammostola pulchra as soon as the C. laeta is done molting and has eaten.
B. albo after molting before first feeding (man was it hungry!)
my C. laeta in its web tunnels if you look close you can see the pink starting to show on its abdomen. It just entered pre-molt about a week ago. I know its pre-molt because this creature is a voracious eater and is now refusing food.


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Hello and welcome, I'm sure you'll soon have many more. :)


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Hi and welcome :) the laetas are so beautiful as slings and juvies before they turn a dull brown so enjoy the colour while it lasts :D
Hi and welcome :) the laetas are so beautiful as slings and juvies before they turn a dull brown so enjoy the colour while it lasts :D

yea I know :( I got it as a tiny little bright blue 1/2" sling and it has been fun watching it grow. Seems to grow really fast. It has molted every month I have had it. It is unfortunate that they turn a dull brown/blonde once mature. Would be cool if it became even more beautiful as an adult like the C. versicolor do. After I get a G. pulchra a C. versicolor will probably be the next T on the list.
So my T. albo has decided to do a little showing off. It has decided that it only wants to use the extensive burrow system it built for feeding. The last few days I have come home from work it has been like this. Now it spends most of the time in 2 spots.
This is its favorite spot I spot it here the most.
This is its other spot it hangs out at the pile of substrate it built from burrowing (sorry for the blurry pic. It decided to move right as I snapped the shot.

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