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Need advice with my avic avic


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kansas city
Hello, first time tarantula owner here. I’ve learned a lot about what I need to do for proper setup. Before anyone judges me, the pet store sold me one tank and I have the proper tank coming through the mail this week. This one is temporary.

So I’ve had my pink toe (nugget) for two weeks now. The whole time I have not gotten him to eat and he has not webbed. Last night I found him on the bottom of his tank in the substrate. This naturally concerned me because he’s arboreal. This morning he is still on the ground. Not molting and not in a death curl. Sprawled out actually. I removed everything in his tank for an hour or so, maybe it was just too crowded. But he still didn’t move much. I know I don’t have proper cross ventilation but I’m working on that. I don’t know if he’s a MM or even a male at all. A friend of mine and I suspect he might be a MM but it’s hard to tell. Can someone give me advice? I’m really concerned for nugget.


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Hey, I know the feeling of getting your first tarantula and worrying. We have all been there. My first T was a Avic as well, and it did take a while for mine to web after I got him. As far as being cramped goes, the prefer tight places, Mine stays inside of a cork tube most of the time. As long as its eating the best thing you can do is let it get use to its new home. Just keep it misted and fed and all will be well.

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