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Native inverts?

Kaden Alexander

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Michigan has a lot, I can only list some though. Grass Spiders, Wolf Spiders (Everywhere), tons of Steatoda sp, Black Lace Weavers, Hacklemash Weavers, Chinese Mantis, Garden Centipedes, Geophylid Centipede (don’t know if I spelled that right), and supposedly Woodlouse spiders according to a few websites I’ve seen.


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Sheeeit. Not enough time to list em all, so I'll name some favorites: A anax, Centroides bark scorps, Chinese mantis are all over my yard, big ones. Green lynx spiders, Phidipus jumping spiders (at least two spp), Hogna carolenensis(big wolf spiders) Two types of latrodectus(widows), all kinds of grass spiders, trap doors, assassin bugs, some kind of moths that can carry off small children, and supposedly amblypigids, though I can't find them in my area..that's not even the tip of the iceberg