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Mm H Mac?


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Just asking as not too sure. I know they don’t develop hooks but it looks and acts like an Mm but hasn’t created a sperm web nor does it look obvious that it’s matured. Was wondering if someone was able to offer their opinion :)
Picture quality is t amazing but it’s not the easiest to get a picture of.


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Just managed to get a better picture as it’s not the easiest to photograph. Doesn’t look male (mature at least)

Can someone enlighten me please?



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I was unsure to start with which is why I asked . I only posted again cos I was able to get a better picture. Have been used to seeing the emboli fairly red so this is first Mm I’ve had that hasn’t been “obvious” just wanted someone to point it out to me for sure.
Fair, well good luck with pairing him/finding a female!

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