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US Looking for young female GBB


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I apologize if this is in the wrong thread and if it is I will gladly repost somewhere else. I live in So Cal (Santa Barbara) and would love to aquire a young 2-3" confirmed female GBB. Reason for wanting a female specifically is because I'm buying it as a pet and not for breeding so I would like it to stick around as long as possible. If you guys know any place I can get one in So Cal then please let me know! I'm willing to drive and pick up and would prefer that over shipping, but if shipping is only alternative then I'm ok with that. Any information is welcome!

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Any online vendors you would personally recommend? I know a few that people say to never order from like LLLReptile and backwaterreptiles
Never heard any bad stuff about lll reptiles. Hell I'm not even sure which vendors are still around, I've been ordering from classifieds for the last few years. Try fauna classifieds, AB and TF classifieds, maybe jaime's tarantulas, fear not tarantulas, ...I think petcenter shut down..Ken the bug guy, bugs in cyberspace, ...someone help me out here?

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I have a 3.5” female for sale, I’m on the east coast though so would have to ship. DM me if you’re interested.

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