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Little bulldozer at work


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Caught my new baby Tilitocatl Albopilosum in the process of burying its water dish. She’d been at it a while as the dish is already covered. It is interesting how it webs the dirt and then uses that web to drag the dirt out of the burrow to the pile. That's a spider using a tool, right? Cool!



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First of all, your T is adorable :)

Secondly, it's very ingenuitive. Did it dump the contents of the mat and reuse it or nah?

Lastly, it would have been fun to watch that sped up, I felt bad for you holding your phone for that long.
But it was totally entertaining! Well done :T:

I was considering a tripod for my phone, but I just picked up a 4-pack of "home surveilance" cameras from Amazon with micro SD cards for things like this, and as T cams in general, and will stream the video to the cloud. Kinda like Ring but for spiders lol


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I actually had that playing back at 1.5x speed. Probably could have bumped it to 2x. Before I sped it up and trimmed it it was about four and half minutes long :p

I just looked over and saw it at work so I didn't have time to setup a tripod or lights for fear of missing it. Tripod would have made it easier for sure.

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