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Juvenile pink toe refuses to eat

Jess Zimny

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Wichita Falls
Hello! I'm starting to get worried because my juvenile pink toe is no longer eating. I have no idea the age, but I've had it for almost 5 months now. It just freshly molted four days ago with no visible problems. It eats medium crickets right now. Normally, I wouldn't be worried too much, but the last time it molted, it was hungry, and immediately ate after molting, and still wanted more afterwards. This time it's still refusing and flinching away from the crickets. It hasn't eaten for about 15 days now. I know they can last a while, but this isn't normal behavior compared to the first time, and it's abdomen is very small. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I don't think trying a different meal would work either, because it immediately flinches when touched. I'll take any tips, thanks!


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Soft fangs, probably. It can take 1-2 weeks for a tarantula's fangs to harden after molting. Try feeding in 10 days, or when the fangs appear dark in color. Keep providing water.

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