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juvenile Fire Salamander for sale

Discussion in 'Vertebrate Pet Talk' started by Agno, May 28, 2017.

  1. Agno

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    Dec 15, 2015
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    Hi everyone

    I know this isn't the actual 'For sale' section, but since the one we already have is for Ts only, I thought I'd post here!
    I have a juvenile Fire Salamander, few weeks old since becoming terrestrial, that I'd like to sell.
    It's in a very good shape with a big appetite (I'm posting pictures below). I cannot determine the gender.

    I am afraid shipping outside Europe will not be possible as it takes too much time and I'm afraid the salamander can't make it, although they're known for being very strong.
    Please, make a video of the unpacking moment.

    Prise is: 35€ / 40$ (shipping included).


    - Payment

    Only PayPal payment accepted.

    - Live Arrival Guarantee

    I do not provide a live arrival guarantee.

    - Refund Policy
    To receive a full refund, you must take a quality video of the DOA and send it to me.
    Please, do not try to fool me by showing another specimen as I know my pets very well.

    If anyone in interested, contact me here or by message!
    Thank you!

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