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Just an Interesting set of Questions asked by my relatives

Hope everyone is well. I recently got a 2" G pulchra about two weeks ago. This weekend we had relatives over and they quickly glommed onto the tarantula. I found it interesting to hear as each person noticed the Tarantula, the types of questions they asked.

The most frequent one was "Why is it in such a small container?" Second was, after I explained the reasons for small containers, they said "So are you going to get a bigger container is it gets bigger?" That was a head scratcher as that would seem pretty intuitive to do so. Then questions around, "Have you had it walk on your hand yet?" and "Where's the web?"

This is a very small sample of 5-7 folks, so would love to hear the top 5 questions you get from folks who know nothing at all about Tarantulas and then find out you have one (or more).

I have to admit, the G. pulchra ain't doing much...I just try feeding it once a week (keep it's water bowl clean and full), but haven't seen it take it's prey yet (Dubia). So the best part of this hobby has just been educating people about these animals and how actually fragile they are and more deserving of compassion and curiosity rather than fear.

Take care!

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