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I'm Officially a Tarantula Breeder Now

Tortoise Tom

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Put them together a few times weeks ago and never saw any action. Someone here suggested leaving the male with her overnight, so I did. Came back in the morning and he was still alive and well, so I put him back in his own enclosure. He's still eating like a champ to this day. A few days later, she went underground and webbed herself in. I tried every angle to look in and see what she was doing, but the whole damn enclosure is completely webbed over. I kept the water bowl filled and figured she'd come back out when she was ready. Today was feeding day, and it looks like she was ready to come back out... with about a hundred new babies.

I haven't got them all separated out yet, but I'll count them when I finish that task later tonight. I put mom in a big deli cup and these little babies are surprisingly adept at avoiding capture.

I found the sac. She was buried deep and way down in the middle of everything. In hindsight I would have wrecked everything if I had gone looking for her. I wondered what was going on in there, but I'm glad I left her alone now.

Lots of little exoskeletons in the webbing around the empty sac:

I have 3 dozen of these AMAC boxes, and I think the rest are going to have to go into whatever other little vials and deli cups I have around. So much fun!

I'll get a better close up later, but these things are so gorgeous!


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Wow! Great pics and awsome job with the little ones. I have a sling that just molted last week. Feeding 1 wk old crickets which seem kind of small for it now. But what a great eater! Best of luck with the lot of them!

Tortoise Tom

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Congrats! I have been wanting one of these. Will you be selling any?
Id like to sell them all, but I have to admit, I'm pretty ignorant about how to pack and ship them. I've certainly received a bunch of them, but I'm a bit nervous to try it without some supervision and guidance from someone who knows what they are doing. I pack and ship tortoises all the time, but teeny tiny little fragile spiders are a different thing altogether.

Anyone know anyone in the L.A. area that can help me out?
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Tortoise Tom

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So I've begun the long process of feeding all these little beauties in their little individual cups. First: HOLY BATSH*T ROBIN!!! Every single one of them ran over, all the way across the enclosure in some cases, and snatched up their first roach as if they've been doing it their whole lives! I've raised tiny slings before, but the appetite and hunting drive on these brand new babies was truly a surprise. A very pleasant surprise.

@Arachnoclown my hat is off to you man. How do you do this with multiple hundreds or thousands of slings at a time? It takes hours to get through 182. I can't imagine 400 or 1000. Iv'e got my deli cup with pin head lateralis ready to go, but just opening and closing each little enclosure over and over... Man, it could drive someone insane. Gotta go back to work... Take the lid off, squirt some fresh water into each bottle cap, drop in a roach, watch it get clobbered, put the lid back on, next...


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Hahaha....you get a system after a while. Heres a video over a year ago of me feeding over 200 slings. Let me know when your slings are ready...we can do some trading.

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