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I need help. (missing leg)


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Hello I just recently got a tarantula from my friends at school and it seems to be missing 3 of its right leg. What do I do? How do I take care of it and what species is this? I only take care of. Scorpions and have no idea of tarantula care so some help would be needed
Info on the tarantula:
Small juvinile size


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By sight I can't even begin to say what you have certainly looks male. You need to provide some information on what species you possibly have and as far as the legs ummm something doesn't look right to me as a fault from a molt.
I say male because it's pretty leggy looking and that abdomen but,the missing legs and that one just partially missing. Yeah I dunno about it being from a bad molt.
Nevertheless keep us updated if you can and good luck. Btw it will be just fine after molting. May take some time for a complete leg.
If it is a male of whatever species. Not trying to be a Debbie downer,but yeah with missing legs to that extent he will be nothing but a meal if you try to pair it and it'll take a while to regrow those legs.

Trooper wolfie

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I'm not familiar with this species', but it's legs will grow back after a few moults so long as it can feed ok. It looks like it needs a good feed going off the small abdomen, try tong feeding it, or as stated before, pre killed prey if it struggles catching food. If you feed it more often than usual (two or three times a week) and keep the ambient temperature warm, it will go into a moult a bit sooner.
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