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I feel like I let my girl down


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My 3.5” female A. seemanni molted a few days ago. After 3 days, her molt was still attached to one leg around the last joint of the foot. Worried it would cause more problems, I took some surgical scissors and started to gently and slowly cut the molt off. I almost had it completely off when she suddenly bolted. Just a slight amount of resistance, and she popped the leg.

Now I feel like I messed up. I’ve never had a T with a stuck shed like that. I don’t think she’d have been able to get the molt the rest of the way off without intervention, but she lost the whole leg...


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I will remember that for next time. Thank you for the advice. I wish she didn't have to go through that just because I'm inexperienced.
Like @Enn49 has said it will be fine... You were trying to help her with best intentions and don't worry it will grow back :)
If any of your Ts drop a leg for any reason if you see any 'leakage' of fluids you can apply cornstarch to clot it and dry it up :)

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