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How often shall I feed my salmon pink juvenile?


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Hi there guys I brought my salmon pink about 1 month ago and yesterday for the first time he ate I give him 2 mealworms in the same day he was really hungry ate them both no problem is that to much I’m not sure how often should I feed my t I’m really confused I know they can go long periods of time without food but can someone help me how often do I need to feed my juvenile is it every week and how much or is it like daily ? And if its a week would you feed them for example 2 mealworms on the same day or would you spread one mealworm on one day and the other on the other day in that week if that makes sense ? Here is a picture of my T If it helps cheers


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How often I feed depends upon the size of the crickets I have. From what I have read, the best way to see your T's is to keep them fed, but not over fed. Like that you are more likely to see natural behaviour, with them in the entrance to their burrow/hide waiting for any passing food. If they dig a burrow & my Lasiodora parahybana did, they can burrow it's self away from sight. Which is what mine did for the first few weeks of our ownership of it. It then molted underground & has been out much more since.

My L parahybana is not the biggest eater I own. And I try to remove any crickets within minutes if it does not eat them, as when they do eat, they are onto thier food very quickly & eagerly. I feed a standard cricket once a week or smaller crickets twice a week. My LP is around 3- 3.5 inches.

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