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hi im new


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Endicott NY
hello all! nice to see an active forum, i used to be on quite a few back in the day. well anyway my name is Zeri, a mom of three mostly grown daughters, and an animal lover. i have always adored 'icky' animals like spiders snakes and bats. i havent got much experience keeping tarantulas. my boyfriend bought a chilean rose hair over ten years ago that he got bored of, so i took over her care. she recently passed on and i decided to get my own tarantula. i got a mexican red knee, a spider i have always admired and coveted, and i feel so lucky and happy to have found her! shes a baby still so i dont know the gender, im just going to call her she. i dont have a good picture of her yet, but ill try to get one soon. ive only had her a few days and i dont want to spook her too much. i know basic tarantula husbandry, but i am always eager to learn more, so here i am!


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