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Hi Im new! ^_^


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Wow thats quite the collection! Welcome to TF - Thanks for joining the community!


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Welcome to the forum! Hows the breeding going? What other types of Ts do you keep? Would love to see some pics of your collection :).
Well the breeding is going so-so the regalis got mated once and hasn't responded since. Here's a few pix!!!
Ganondorf MM P. regalis:

My new P. cambridgei sling:

Malon MF P. regalis:

P. irminia sling post molt:

Peach P. pederseni MF:

Zelda MF P. regalis:

Spidey LP sling:

Honduran Curly Hair:

There's some for ya! Don't have any of Link my MM regalis, but I'll post some! ^_^


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cool, Regalis are a cake walk. I've never bred Pederseni. I'm sure you'll do fine.

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Welcome to the TF! Great pics and thanks for the share:) I can't wait to get my first Pokies...lol..they are high on my list for the New Year,indeed!!