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Here's hoping for a safe arrival


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Well, my juvenile G. pulchra did not make it overnight to the FedEx Ship Center so I will have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. As I am working tomorrow, I won't be able to get it until 3:30 pm.

I was naive to think it would make it across the U.S. (California to Maine) overnight. Still, I am hoping the T can hang on.


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Well, the temps changed a bit from when I ordered. Looks like it will to get to mid 40s (F) at night (instead of 50s) but it sounds like the T package arrived at the ship center, just won't be sorted until tomorrow. I am mostly optimistic, but still concerned. Thanks.


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If you paid for overnight shipping it should've arrived on time,unless you've got bad weather where you are,then thats beyond their control. It's best to check on weather conditions to get a better idea if there are delays.


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if she is packed well and there are no temperature extremities she will be fine for quite a few days.
Regards Konstantin
....and most important....the FedEx people don't toss around your package. Sadly, through experience, I no longer trust FedEx for inverts.


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No bad weather as far as i can tell. All FedEx would say in person was that the package missed a transfer.

Online the delivery timeline says:

11:35 AMPORTLAND, MEDelivery exceptionPackage at station, arrived after courier dispatch

I even called and asked if i could pick it up now and I was told it hasn't been sorted yet.

So just more waiting is all. It is out of my hands.


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I'd rather have FEDEX than UPS or the Postal service!
I think service varies? Fed-ex is crap here. Usps is always on time has correct tracking data. Fed-Ex will say it going to be there then not update that it’s not, when it’s too late to do anything. I’d rather take my chances with usps. My last order from a user on here was overnight. It got hung up in Memphis, on a Friday. I was extremely lucky it got here on Saturday. When I got the package it was soaked from being in the rain. I have zero faith in Fed-Ex or their tracking information. USPS has always been on point to me with tracking scans, never had to wonder where a package was.I guess it must vary by location. When I’ve gotten packages from fear not they’re always on time though. That must be why they only ship on certain days because they know what can happen with Fed-Ex. Got a 1-2 day delivery from usps, sent from Jamie’s tarantulas. Got here in 2 days no issues.


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Yes! G. pulchra 1.5 " made it through extra day in the "loving arms" of mother FedEx. Did not explore enclosure like Chaco Golden Knees did. This unsexed pulchra headed right for hide.


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