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Hello - new member with a new T.


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Hi Wayne and welcome to this great forum/family and do not hesitate to post a picture of your T in its enclosure.
P.S: this is a very addictive hobby and there is no such a thing as having only one T. Best advice is to start looking for a replacement wife as soon as possible :)
Have a great day.

Wayne Rowley

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Thank you. Here he/she is:



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Glad you are on the way to owning 100s of tarantulas, you started with a gorgeous one!

Here's some light reading for you and your wife:

I learned everything I know, and wrote there, from @Oursapoil so I have to give him all the credit :p:T:


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Hello Wayne and welcome. :)
I was an arachnophobe until my son got one and I became fascinated, bought myself one and now have 80 Ts. In other words be warned you may both become addicted.


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My best poop cannon is Tapinauchenius violaceous :p :T:
His enclosure looks like a jungle-themed Jackson Pollock
Wait.... T's can shoot their poop!!!!! o_O I have seen my boa throw up a rat that it ate 2 days prior, and that was probably the nastiest noise/smell I have ever encountered, and I this is coming from the girl that had a dog (patient) with parvo and roundworms throw up on my head. (I worked in ER/Critical Care Vet med, so I have seen a LOT of nasty things) The snake is fine now, a random fluke but gross nonetheless.

But back to the OG post... they THROW THEIR POOP!!! Do all T's do this or just certain ones? I'm so intrigued!!! LOL

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