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Hello from México


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Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
Hi, I am David, I love insects and arachnids and I just got 2 tarantulas that supposedly are Brachypelma Auratum, I got them from an online store that they promised they have al legal perms but when they arrived, the package was damaged and my order incomplete, tarantulas were inside but without any info and the little container all smashed, I contacted the seller for the other stuff that I ordered but not on that package and also legal ID of those tarantulas and got no answer, actually under a paypal case under review, the thing is that they are just slings, you can’t really see if they look like auratum, but if they are, is there any advise I should now to keep them alive? I know the basics, they both molted once pretty well but one doesn’t wants to eat, the another one ate that much that his opistoma is so big, thats basically the story that brought me here to this forum, I used to have a religious mantis from baby to adult, but now, tarantulas are way more impressive for me and I’m so excited about learning more of them and watch how they live, most of the info I get is from videos, websites and petco triptychs, you can't ask your own questions there, so her I hope I can really talk with people that know about tarantulas or just to trade experiences :)


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Welcome aboard. Sorry you have had some difficulties. Hopefully everything will work out. I would keep pressing the company about info on your Ts and I wonder what kind of reputation the company has.

I don’t own any Brachypelma species but a quick search indicated to me that the auratum is not as slow growing as some other in that genus.

I don’t know when you will see signs of what species it is.

I am hoping others who have kept them will add their experiences. But as it comes from grasslands and scrubs, you can keep it fairly dry I would think.

Feel free to ask specific questions.

I don’t know who you ordered from but do check to see if they have reviews on these forums or others.

As you live in Mexico I am assuming you ordered from your country where the tarantulas are native.