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Hello from Indianapolis


Just a bit about me, I'm an older guy currently living in Indiana. I've lived all over the world, this will probably be my last enclosure ;). I've owned all sorts of critters over the years and just bought a H. Pulchripes. I have a sling (freebie) and sub-adult female. I haven't had a T in 30 years, so this is gonna be new again. Just a warning about me, I am what my moniker is, a Heretic. I don't believe in established dogma. It's not just a religious thing, all decorum have established traditions that are based on supposition not truth. When you have lived on every continent, in every life style from dirt floor to marble tile, you see through the fog of rules. So I live by my own.

Lilith trim 1_Trim_Trim_Moment (2).jpg