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Hello Friends!


New Member
Langton, Ontario Canada
Hey Everyone,

My name is Lexy. I'm located in Ontario, Canada.

My spider-keeping story starts with ant-keeping. In 2020 when all the Ontario lock-downs started happening, we had little ants getting into my foyer; when I noticed them, I started to discuss with my husband what we would do to get rid of the issue, and one of my kids said, "No, they're my pets" feeling terrible as she is allergic to anything with fur we started investigating on how to keep them contained which spiralled into a whole family hobby. Unfortunately, we couldn't find affordable ant-keeping supplies in Canada. Since we had just been laid off due to the lockdown, we didn't want to import anything and pay an arm and a leg, so we started making our nests since we had everything to make the nests ourselves. Eventually, as we posted our adventures, other people in the ant-keeping community wanted to purchase our nests, so we started an online ant shop, and it's been pretty successful that both my husband and I are now running it full-time.

Now a lot of ant-keepers also keep spiders. It's like the gateway into crawly critters, I swear! We had some customers requesting modified outworlds to fit their spider needs. This resulted in us getting interested in spiders and providing products produced with spiders in mind with feedback from the spider-keeping community. Now our spider shop is just starting, as we wanted to understand the pet before putting merchandise out there, which is why we have primarily focused on jumping spiders.

I joined this forum to learn more about the community's needs and discuss the adventures of keeping spiders. Thanks for having me!