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Have not posted in a while, my T is still going strong.


Hey all, thought I'd post an update as I have not been active here in a while.

My T which I got as a sling is still going strong. I have upgraded the enclosure a bit and it has plenty of burrow space. Nhandu Tripepii (Brazilian Giant Blonde)

It is now also just over 5cm in legspan, thank you all again for all the help when I started.

Here is a picture of the T, We just call it spidey or spodey for now until we can sex it.



Managed to grab a photo or two today.
DoF is still very shallow, I really need to find my flash, but I managed to get a pic, slight dark edit for use as a wallpaper.

I fed it a roach yesterday, it's just been chilling at the burrow entrance lately.

This one really does not like a bright light at the moment so photography is difficult. But I can say it's becoming less skittish as it's getting older.