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Greenbottle blue feeding Picture + HD Video


Like feeding video's with over the top dramatic music?

I was messing around with some new video software.


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Can't say that anymore. Went and bought one. Now I have a pet web to go with my pet holes.
Congrats, it won't disappoint. iv almost been tempted to buy another due to the fact it's on the move all the time just too see what another one would create. The one I have has made a small tunnel network purely out of Web. It Has an eye for great arcitecture & design haha.
I'm determined to find another genus that equally entertaining to watch.
Any idea's?


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I love my p.irimina (Venezuelan sun tiger) its only a juvie but mine is very active and also a very good feeder-beautiful too!:) that genus might be a candidate for your next video maybe?
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