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US G. pulchra, C. versicolor, M. mesomelas, brachypelma and more!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Casey K., Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Casey K.

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    Nov 20, 2013
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    $3,000 TAKES THE LOT! (May not seem like a lot for $3k but read the species and quantity carefully.....)

    Females and Pairs:

    AF B. vagans- $100
    AF O. aureotibialis- $125
    AF A. seemani (06/11/18)- $100
    Juvie P. auratus- $150
    5x sub adult C. cyaneopubescens- $100 ea.
    Sub adult P. nigricolor- $150
    AF P. reduncus- $150
    Sub adult C. sp. kaeng krachen- $125
    Sub adult M. balfouri- $300 PAIR
    AF H. sp. Klein- $150


    2x P. regalis- $75 ea.
    2x C. versicolor- $80 ea.
    3x P. nigricolor (could possibly be VERY large slings?)- $65 ea.
    5x P. bara- $100 ea.
    B. hamorri- $80 ea.
    2x P. pulcher- $60 ea.


    2x T. psychedelicus- $200 ea.
    30x G. pulchra- $80 ea.
    2x P. bara- $75 ea.
    2x P. pulcher- $40 ea.
    M. mesomelas- $120
    6x P. muticus- $40 ea.


    P. cancerides (poss pen?)- $80

    TOS: LAG for express shipping only ($45). Priority shipping is $7-15 depending on size of box needed to ship with. You will receive a tracking number once I ship. If you need me to ship at a time that's convenient for you to receive, I will gladly do so. I am not responsible for carrier delays or any mishaps accompanied with due to such. In event of DOA and ALL terms of service are followed, I will offer a replacement if in stock or credit towards other stock (if I don't have anything you want at this time credit will be applied to future purchases). No refunds will be given. You must inform me of weather conditions in your area. If a heat/cool pack is needed, I will include them free of charge. You must be present at time of delivery to receive your package. Express shipping requires signature (whether direct or indirect Or held at facility/delivered to business or resident). You have within 2 hours from time of delivery to inform me of any and all issues. Afterwards, all sales are final and no refunds given for any reason (this includes reasons like "tarantula dehydrated and died...." 1 month later, etc, etc). Sexed specimens are GUARANTEED molt sexed unless stated otherwise. There is NO mistake in sex. Future inquiries about a tarantula being female when specified male or vice versa will be ignored. I keep molts for THIS very reason. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me. I will get back to you as soon as I can (usually within 24 hours). Thank you all and have a wonderful day!

    Payment: Facebook messenger, money order, check (must clear my account prior to shipping) or bank of America transfer (I also have the mobile app which makes transfers easier).
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