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US FRESH MATURE MALE Hapalopus sp. "Columbia" Large

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by BobBarley, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. BobBarley

    BobBarley New Member

    Jan 3, 2017
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    My Hapalopus sp. "Columbia" Large just molted into a mature male. It is about 2-3" and literally as fresh as it gets. Molted about 5-6 days ago and is pretty much ready to ship. Don't miss out on breeding this amazing species!!!!

    Photos of actual specimen:

    Asking $75 not including shipping.

    I am not really looking to trade at the moment, unless you could offer an amazing trade for large South American tarantula species (Pamphobeteus, Phormictopus, Xenesthis, etc.). Sorry, will not consider Old World species at the moment.


    2-3 day shipping is usually $20-30 while overnight is usually $40-60. Depends on ZIP.

    All inverts listed as either female or male has either been confirmed by a molt or (in the case of a mature male) is a mature male.

    Shipping Policy
    I AM NOT responsible for carrier delays. Any delays longer than 5 hours will violate my TOS for LAG. Note, there may sometimes be exceptions depending on circumstances. I ship with ShipYourReptiles.com. Price of shipping will depend on buyer's zip code. Will only ship Monday - Wednesday.

    Payment Policy
    I accept Paypal.

    Live Arrival Guarantee
    I offer live arrival guarantee (LAG) on all shipments shipped overnight. No LAG on 2-3 shipping.

    Dead On Arrival DOA Policy
    For DOA, the following criteria must be met: you must contact me within 3 hours of delivery, you must send a picture of said DOA.

    Refund or Replacement Policy
    If all of the requirements above are met. I will offer a refund of the cost of the animal ONLY.

    Selling Policy
    I have the right to refuse to do business or communicate with anyone at my discretion.

    DOA Trade Policy
    In case of a DOA on my end, I will attempt to replace the invert at my cost, if that is not possible, we can work out new terms to the trade and send a different specimen(s). If all else fails, you'll get a money amount equal to the cost of the specimen.
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