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US Florida Native Inverts!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by DankBonkRipper76, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. DankBonkRipper76

    DankBonkRipper76 New Member

    May 26, 2018
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    Latrodectus mactans [South Eastern Black Widow]-Females:$50[Must be 18+]
    Heteropoda venatoria [FL Giant Huntsman]-Unsexed:$10, Females:$20,Males:$20
    Latrodectus geometricus [Brown Widow]-Females:$40[Must be 18+]
    Kukulcania hibernalis [Southern House Spider]-Unsexed:$20
    Gasteracantha cancriformis [Crab Orb Weaver]-Unsexed:$10
    Dolomedes triton [Six Spotted Fishing Spider]-Unsexed:$40 [Pretty big!]
    Dolomedes albineus [Fluffy White Fishing Spider]-Unsexed:$70 [Beautiful!]
    Ctenus captiosus [False Wolf Spider]-Unsexed:$100 [18+! Possibly EXTREMELY VENEMOUS!]

    [Argiopes(Most Expensive due to size and beautiful webs by these orb weavers]
    Argiope aurantia [Black and Yellow Argiope]-Females:$100
    Argiope argentata [Silver Garden Spider]-Females:$120 [Beautiful and Big!]
    Argiope trifasciata [Banded Garden Spider]-Females:$85

    [Nephila(Expensive due to being humongous and having beautiful webs!)]
    Nephila calvipes [Golden Silk Orb Weaver]-Females:$30[Must be 18+ due to venom being medically significant]

    Phidippus regius [Regal Jumping Spider]-Unsexed(Too tiny):$20[Humongous Jumping Spiders]

    Hogna carolinensis [Carolina Wolf Spider]-Unsexed:$20
    Hogna lenta-Unsexed:$10


    Centruroides gracilis [Florida Bark Scorpion]:Unsexed-$30
    Centruroides hentzi [Hentz Striped Scorpion]:Unsexed-$30
    Centruroides guanensis [Guiana Striped Scorpion]:Unsexed-$30

    LAG Guaranteed! $45 for LAG, $25 without!