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Fiercer, More Cruel, and Deadlier than anything that Walked the Earth!

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I was laughing my butt off all the way through the scenes I watched. Its available full length, but unfortunately I couldn't find as good of quality resolution as the trailer.
It got very good reviews....
I love the old giant insect genre movies. Some of the claymation movies were fun to watch too.
Molsx, I will try to post it this month.

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By popular demand....... I found a much better resolution stream of.......yes........

first there's a couple notes.
I've never used this stream before, but it didn't malfunction or jump to a spam site. It buffered a lot. YMMV. I think its because it's a higher feed that my Android system is having trouble with since I need to make space. Let me know how it works for you. I think a PC will not have that issue, but you'll have to try first.
If you have issues, please tell me ,PM, immediately. I can post the lower quality stream upon request.

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In case anyone is wondering why I reposted under the Blood Sucking Monkeys of West Mifflin Pa....

After going back to re-read this post, I thought that the main movie link would likely get overlooked. The promo was prominent and the full movie a bit obscure. So, to be consistent, I went back to the count Floyd double feature format. Hope that helped.

What do you all think about this movie so far?
Did anyone recognize the star hero?

I've had a report of a misdirect.
Has anyone else had an issue?
If so, please PM me with exact details.

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Trivia questions:

1. What's the connection between Count Floyds description of the ending of his first movie and the ending of the main feature?

2. Who was the western movie and tough guy legend?

3. Personal preference.....what do you like better, the real life camera FX giant T in this movie, OR the computer graphics giant creature movie FX?

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Glad you are enjoying the weekend matinee! I just want to make sure you have the right link. Of course you know that the one you quoted is just a trailer. This other will get you there. I just learned about this movie stream this week, and it looks good so far.


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I always assumed Clint Eastwood was a western kind of guy in his early years
The one you posted with William Shatner was great I watched that with my girlfriend who’s terrified of spiders lol

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LOL!!! That cracks me up.
I guess that one would give her the creeps then. Those were the real thing. Show her the Shatner interview. That might help. He was kind of scared too, but I think he got over it.

Bingo, you got the Clint Eastwood answer right!!!
Two more questions after you have a chance to enjoy the whole movie. Check out the shadows, foreground and background. I was surprised at the quality for a 1955 flick. If the local theater were still open, I would pay money to see it on the big screen.

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PS: Good news for anyone having buffering issues from 1080p, which is the link above.

I just found another clean server at 720p which might run smoothly for those of us away from the pc on iphone or android.