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Enclosure improvements.


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I've been redoing some enclosures recently and yesterday I redone my G Pulchras home and I think I'm happy with it (ignore the label i need to change it) he's in an Exo terra breeding box small.
All the others are in 16oz deli cups and 1 12oz. I enjoy making enclosures and find the smaller ones appealing to look at. I'm somewhat proud of them even thou they are simple :)

I want to redo my Campestratus enclosure thou as it's ugly as hell. She's currently in an Exo terra mini (30x30x30). Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards bio but I'm not sure. Someone help :D

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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I use organic potting soil with no added fertilizer. I start a new terrarium usually the night before I get a new spider...LOL :D I find that if the plants are doing good the spiders are fine as well. I do not use plants in a desert enclosure.


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Ok no problem. I did use some before so I'll look back at what I ordered and get some of that again. That's good to know cos I'll need to temporarily house my T and don't want here out of enclosure for too long :D. How about drainage layer? Is that something you bother with or is needed?

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