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US Dubia breeding/starter colonies


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******Dubia breeding/starter colonies = 30 adult females, 10 adult males and 40 medium to large nymphs. $30 ea.

Complete TOS

• Overnight shipping via Ship Your Reptiles.com (FedEx), Redline Shipping (FedEx) or UPS
• Not responsible for any shipping/carrier delays under any circumstances
• I reserve the right to delay shipping based on weather/temperature at either my location, your location or carrier route
• LAG applies to FedEx Overnight and 2 Day as well as UPS Overnight and 2 Day
• LAG temperature must be between 55-90 at either my location, your location or carrier route
• In the event of a DOA, you must notify me within 4 hours from when the package was received
• Not responsible for any shipping delays, delays resulting in DOA, mis-delivery by carrier or packages lost in transit (*but I will work with you)
• DOA refund only covers cost of animal and does not including shipping fees