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Does your tarantula has a name? Tell me :D


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Our two first were “PunchInTheNose” and “Booyakasha”.


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My daughter's A. chalcodes' name is 'Petals', which she named when she was 5. Took until last year to figure-out why she named it that, but apparently each of her legs is like a flower-petal, lol.

A. geniculata's name is 'Amelia', since her entire first week here, she spent digging and making sad attempts to move her water dish. Amelia means "industrious".

M. Balfouri's 'Calamity Jane', as I've never seen such a chaotic frenzy of illogical skittishness in all my life. She's still a sling, so hoping that name becomes irrelevant once she's older ;)

T. Blondi is 'Lenore', after my favorite Poe poem.

A. avic (formerly a. avic?) is 'Dahlia', a pink flower, as she has pink toes!

A. seemanni is 'Orca', which my daughter named, since when we bought her as an adult, she was strictly black and white. Not sure about that name, but, too late now...

L. parahybana sling is 'Vasha', which is the Slavic form of Vladmir, which means "Of great power'.

All I have at this point, but expecting bewtixt 500-2,000 Lil' Orca babies when I remove the sac on the 28th.

...no, I am not naming them ;)))