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DIY Blatta lateralis trap for backyard

Discussion in 'Tarantula Feeding and Feeder Insects' started by Nanchantress, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Nanchantress

    Nanchantress New Member

    Jun 18, 2017
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    Made a live trap for the Red Runners that come out on my patio at night (in Albuquerque, New Mexico). It catches 1 to 7 roaches per night, and then I transfer them to an enclosure inside. I use fish food flakes for bait. Never thought to use lats to feed to my T's because I have dubias for that, but I've been reading that lats are good too. They've already laid 7 egg cases so far in the 5 days I've been keeping them. I don't use pesticides in my backyard since I keep box turtles out there. I have 12 new slings and think baby lats will be a good size for feeding.

    I place the egg cases on some damp coco fiber in the enclosure. Do you think that will work?

    Don't know how long I'll be able to do this because they smell so awful! Gag! Any tips?

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  2. kormath

    kormath Well-Known Member 1,000+ Post Club

    Dec 2, 2015
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    never noticed a smell with my lats. And yes they're excellent feeders. the running they love to do really draws the T's attention. More nutrious than Dubia, mostly cause they're fully edible, other than the adult males. My T's tend to drop the wings on the substrate.

    I like hte trap idea, too bad i don't live somewhere they've infested lol i wouldn't have to keep spending money on them cause i can't get the damn things to breed consistently.
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