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Hi everyone. I had a juvenile heterometrus petersii which was over a year in my care. She flourished and in the last weeks I noticed that she was getting ready to molt. She made a borrow under the large water dish and stayed there for weeks. A few days ago the burrow collapsed and she started chilling directly under the water dish itself. I had her at 27-30 degrees celcius and misted frequently. She also has a huge water dish, to keep the humidity up which is kept full constantly. The last time I misted was 48 hours ago, where I also picked up the water dish and checked on her. She was fine. Today I wanted to mist again and noticed the water dish was higher up than usual, like something bigger was beneath it. I assumed she molted. So I went to gently check on her and saw that she tried to mold under the dish and got stuck. The substrate around her is still humid. Her face seems flattened like she was limited in space by the dish and could get out further. I'm devastated. What did I do wrong?

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