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Dehydration/ starvation+ plump abdomen?

Is it possible for a sling to die of dehydration or starvation if it has a plump, tight, round abdomen?

I have a sling in death curl, probably dead. Due to its abdomen size and refusing food for a couple weeks i assumed it had been in pre molt. The reason im thinking dehydration is because it is on the moist part of the sub next to its water dish. Tried nudging it and no movement. Dropped some water on the sub its on, in case it is alive. Has plenty of cross ventalation, which I give to all my slings, regardless of species.
Do you have a water dish? They all need water. So yes, it could be dehydration.
There was a water dish. Not very full although it never finished what was in it. This was one of my slings that i thought was thriving the best too. I was honestly worried about another one of my slings (versicolor) because its abdomen is hardly bigger than it's body and it took so long to web... But no. The one that's in the death curl is a p burgessi by the way. When I go back home and check to see if it uncurled. I have 9 slings and this is my first (possible) death. I was really excited about this one too! It's one of my favorites.
I might have found out what killed him/ her. I smoked a couple ciggerettes in there which i don't normally do. Just happened to die. I don't think its a coincidence. I know other people do it without issue but different genus or species could be more sensitive to it. Its too much of a coincidence for me so im not risking it again.
Oh! Cool, a thread I can contribute to!
I'm really sorry to hear about your sling, buddy; I too am a smoker; before I got my Ts, I smoked about 2 packs a day in my office, now I keep my Ts in my office and have forced myself to get up and go outside, I'm down to about 12-15 smokes a day rather than 40. It's better for your health, and for the health of your pets if you just keep it outdoors. I'm new to the hobby, but this is something I can say for certain, Ts breathe through very basic lungs; they'll fill up with toxins in the air and die if you're not careful about it.

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