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Curly hair, no burrow and has never produced webbing ?


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United kingdom
I havent been on here in a while since i thought i had my t's enclosure set up perfectly but recently it occured to me that ive never seen webs or even a burrow in my pals enclosure, for this reason im now unsure if what i am doing is optimal? Maybe im being overly obsessive but i thought it best to seek advice anyways just incase

Is there a reason why he hasn't produced webbing or even attempted to make a burrow during the time ive had the t in my care? Ill include pics of the setup, im thinking maybe there's too much decor in there that may be a possibility, ive done my research but cant find much on this particular matter.

Its weird because based on his behaviour and his docile nature from what i know he is happy he barely moves other than to eat and drink and is basically a rock, so if he is happy then why isnt he displaying his natural behaviour? it never drops below 21c in this house and the coco fibre is dry, but i overflow his water dish every couple weeks so he has access to a damp corner if needed, i feed him 2 meal worms a week, and he is situated in a low traffic area of the house with a day and night cycle but since he is in the hallway theres no direct sunlight and it still stays quite dim even during the day, i believe this is optimal.

Any information regarding this topic would be great, maybe im missing something or maybe this is kinda normal for this species im really not sure, thanks in advance.


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Bradenton, Fl
He looks fine, maybe pit a smaller hide in instead of that huge piece of bark, tarantulas feel most comfortable in small, tight spaces.


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Looks pretty full. I'd use a smaller piece of cork, maybe a half round and burry it partially. Once I did that, my Curly dug in and then started excavating and settled right in. She now has multiple entrances and exits.

Generally, your set up is fine. The huge piece of cork does give way to climbing and possible falls, but otherwise, it should work.

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