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cork bark


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Hi all, is there a specif place you guys buy your cork bark? Online? Or just general reptile shops locally? If online can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks. Would rather go to some recommended places than just any random one online.




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I buy mine from an aquatic shop called Amwells, they price the cork bark by weight which works out very cheap as it’s light. I stock up every time and now I have 2 containers of bark.

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I have several cork bark items on my Amazon watch list. I check it a couple of times per week and when the price drops, that's when I buy...Don't buy just onesies and twosies...cause it'll be a while before the price drops again.

I've noticed that when I do this, the price immediately shoots right back up.

Jess S

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If you've bought them already and keep crickets you can use them as little hides for pinheads though


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Unfortunately not.. They are made to degrade into soil and break down... A good alternative is plastic plant pots they can make cheap but effective hides for Ts :)
They will be fine to use,they do degrade as mentioned,but more so for the gardner.depends on your housing.Above the substrate w