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Clean up crew for ****roaches.


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So I started with a Tarantula. Just one. Then I got a couple of Scorpions, then some Praying Mantis, then some roaches including some hissing. Then just before TSS closed due to this Coronavirus, I spotted the Emerald Roaches (Pseudoglomeris magnifica.) So when TTS reopens I really have to order some & I have been thinking about setting up a colony of bean weevels to save me buying fruit flies & now I have read that beetles make a good clean up crew for roaches.

So two questions.
1. Does anyone ever ending up just keeping Tarantulas?
2. Does anyone have a ****roach clean up crew or keep beetles? As looking on Virginia Cheesemans site, she has some beetles, that look interesting, even if they are not food or clean up crew.


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I keep Ts and lizards that I feed our roaches to.

I had small beetles in my first B. lateralis enclosure that did a fantastic job, no idea where they came from. I wish I had them now :(

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