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US Chromatus Slings/Phid texanus slings


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I have six N chromatus slings left and a handful of P texanus jumping spiders. Everyone is $15 each plus shipping. Right now, I am only shipping from good weather to ... you got it, more good weather. ;) Message me for photos, please. Seriously inquiries only.

* Shipping is ONLY Fedex Overnight/2 day.
* If you're in/near Houston, I won't ship - only pick up.
* I only Venmo and PayPal, but will accept cash in person.
* I will notify you of the shipping status, but I expect to be notified upon receipt AND the status of the spider. If there is a problem, I must be notified with proof within 2 hours of receipt before we can discuss our options to make things right.

Thank you! Chromatus Slings.jpg Texanus Slings.jpg
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