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can a T drink so much water?

paolo escoto

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soo. i filled my G. pulchripes' water dish this morning at about 10am. it's 4x4 in size and 1 inch in height (1/4 filled with pebbles). and i checked on him 9pm and all the water is gone. he's also hanging by the dish's side.


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It likely just spilled into the soil. But he may have drank it. In which case , no, a T can't drink to much.


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If the substrate around is wet, the T has spilled it...If not, do you have your enclosure close to a window? Sunlight will evaporate the water in the dish very quickly.


This is crazy but my Fireleg has a water dish that is stone and sunk into the substrate. It's probably 5/8" deep. Last night I switched his enclosure and filled his dish. I went to work and came home to it empty. I filled it and went to bed. Got up and it was empty again. I just went to see how their doin and it was empty again. The second time I filled it he came running over and straddled it when it was full. I don't see any cracks or holes in the dish. It is wet around it and I have no idea how he's doin it. Any thoughts? He just likes to play in water? Should I invest in a slip and slide for him.

paolo escoto

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the substrate is not wet. yes, the enclosure is close to the windows in my room. but thisis the first time that it happened. and it didn't happen to my N. chromatus. :p