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US Bulk irminia slings


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Prattville, Alabama
20 psalmopeous Irminia slings 200 plus shipping.

Super cheap for suntigers

Shipping Quote with Zip Code

Terms of Service
Live Arrival Guarantee
Purchase price must be over $30. You must accept package on first delivery attempt. Temperature must be above 45F and below
90°F. Issues with shipment must be reported to me via (email, phone, whatever) within 1 hour of receipt.
Refund Policy. Shipping Delays VOID LAG as they are not controllable.
To receive a refund, you must (take pictures of the DOA with pin through abdomen.) Refunds will for animal. Shipping cost will not be refunded. Etc.

Casey K.

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I wouldn’t say that super cheap for suntigers

That's only $10 ea. That's a good wholesale price. They usually sell for around $35-40 ea retail. That's about 350-400% of his wholesale price. Plenty of room for profit.

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