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B. klassi


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Pink beauty looking great after a molt


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Norwich, UK
Get one. Post pictures.

They are not easily available. And the last time they were & that was months ago. We simply, I simply did not have the room for a few more slings & there is little point in buying just the one sling, as I want an adult female & between the chances of loosing a sling as it grows & brachy's grow very slowly & the chance of getting a male with a single sling. One was no real use to me.

We normally have about 10 slings. Not including my johnnycashi, which does not seem to have grown at all during the past 2 years. And I think we have lost 4 or 5 slings over the past year to 18 months & two of those were the same species of Brachy, Brought at the same time & a friend, who brought at the same time as us, also lost one of theirs too.

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