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B.hamorii sling feeding.

I've had a b.hamorii sling for 3 weeks now and was starting to worry as it refused food. I tried live and prekill offerings. Even leaving the prekills in for 48 hrs to give it a chance to scavenge. Tonight I looked in after leaving a prekill in earlier in the day and it had taken the item into its hide and was feeding. Just thought I'd share incase anyone else is experiencing the same.


New Member
had the exact same trouble with my B.hamorii it refused any food and then burrowed for 3 weeks. Last night she was out drinking so I tried a flightless fly which she took straight away there was no moult so I assuming its just their way

Jess S

Well-Known Member
B smithi slings are the same too. It'll refuse food for weeks whether or not it's in premoult.

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