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B. albopilosum sling in ferrero rocher enclosure


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We bought a box of them from Morrisons as they were on offer but it turned up broken so sent it back with the driver. He found it funny when we explained why we wanted the box more than the chocolate lol

Jess S

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I second that haha. I now see so many things that i think to myself i could use to house a T haha
Definitely. Though the worst is when you find an ideal product that is in just the right plastic box for use as an enclosure, and right when you need another one, you find the sod's have started printing their massive label on the actual plastic, instead of the sticker that you used to just peel off! Infuriating!!


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This guy sells different sizes on eBay

and on his website https://bugzarre.co.uk/epages/950002515.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950002515/Categories/"Insect_ Cages_ Uk"/Clear_Plastic_Display_Boxes

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