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Any gamers out there?


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If anyone out there owns a Wii or Wiiu there is a game called Deadly Creatures that you may want to try :)

You play half of the game as a tarantula and half as a scorpion. The game is surprisingly fun, and the animals actually move correctly! That is until you level up your attacks... the tarantula can then do a crazy spinning jump which I don't mind because it makes me laugh my butt off every time!

If anyone else has already played it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I just thought that it was cool, even in a virtual world, to see the world from an arachnid's perspective :)


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I used to have a game called Impossible Creatures, where you could take parts from like 5 different creatures to create like bizarre units, Id use a scorpion tail like every time


Hah! That's awesome! I want that game, even though I would probably be terrible at it. xD Here is a YouTube video.


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