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Adding extra heating safely...


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I can't run a space heater all day so looking for other alternatives for adding extra heat, I only have a small amount of T's so what I was thinking was placing them in a large wooden vivarium and heating that, I was going to this buy adding a small 28W tube heater to the one end of the enclosure and then place the T's to the far side, these heaters have a built in thermostat and are designed for small spaces, obviously id experiment first without the t's to make sure it didn't get to hot, but what do people think of the idea?


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other soil warming devices can also be used as they are a lot more gentle than bulbs or heat mats. However, as with any heating device I would always recommend the use of a thermostat. I have this for my room heater at day and night heat settings.


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I have my central heating radiator on in the spider room only.
Keeps it around 70/20

Poor Pauly

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I was thinking of the same issue. I may need additional heating for my slings when I order and was thinking of something like this with heat cables.

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