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US Acrylic Enclosures for Many


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Hey Everyone:)

Thank you all for the interest expressed for our custom made acrylic enclosures. As promised, we have put together a list of some standard sized enclosures along with the prices. The enclosures are made with 3/16’’ clear acrylic. The pictures below show the styles of the enclosures. The costs include 2 2” air vents for the rectangular and 1 for the cylinders. You have the option to add additional vents or increase the size of the vents for a small price increase. The vents are made of plastic as opposed to the metal screen of some older models so chewing is now a non-issue. You can however choose between a standard vent or an angled slotted vent holding a higher humidity.

I have been building acrylic aquariums, terrariums, etc. for about 15 years and LOVE it. The following list is comprised of simply basic sizes, but I am able to pretty much build any size and shape. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, any ideas for an enclosure you’d like to design, or with dimensions for a speedy estimate. These prices also include one of our 16oz Dwarf White Isopod cultures with 100+ isopods absolutely free! If there is anything you’d like to customize for your enclosure or if you have an animal you’d like us to design something specifically for, please let me know.

Standard Rectangle

6’’x6’’x8’’h $39

8’’x8’’x12’’h $69

12’’x12’’x12’’h $89

12’’x12’’x16’’h $119

12’’x12’’x24’’h $159

24’’x24’’x12’’h $189

24’’x24’’x12’’h (divided in half) $209


6’’diameter x 6’’h $49

6’’diameter x 12’’h $75

Shipping: send zip for price quote

TOS: If product is either damaged or broken, you must take a photograph and send it to either [email protected] or 9174344720 upon opening product for refund.

Below are some pics of the standard enclosures mentioned above. i have also included some of the custom made tanks i also construct.


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This isn't the place to be asking those types of questions guys. Please either take it to private messaging or create a separate thread that's not in the marketplace section of the forum.

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