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2 videos of H pulchripes

Discussion in 'Tarantula Photos and Videos' started by Whitelightning777, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Here Hybris has just been rehoused back into the same size enclosure. In the first, he's just been rehoused. In the second, he's still being jumpy.


    Keep in mind that this is one of the calmer baboon spiders. They make a great second terrestrial spider but probably not the best first one. The bite is like an OBT, medically significant NOT just a bee sting. Like other tarantulas, not a single fatality recorded.

    They do make a great first OW tarantula, hardy great eaters and worth every penny. Start with a sling. The coloration for both sexes in this species is exactly the same so you'll end up with a gorgeous display spider. They don't stay under ground all the time as they get older.

    Humidity levels are DILLIGAF. Temps aren't critical and they probably will be just fine at room temperature. I try to keep mine at about 80+ degrees, but that is optional.

    If the T is hanging out on the ceiling and nothing is wrong with the substrate, it's cold.
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