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US 1st US eggsac plus other inverts


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Cyriocosmus sp tambopata (pictured above)
2nd instar *1st US eggsac* $85

E. murinus .75" $35

H. gabonensis 1" $45

N. incei gold 1.75" and fully gold $50

B. horrida $30

C. leetzi (showing adult color and atleast .75") $45

B. boehmei atleast 1.5" $60

T. albopilosum nicaraguan 1" $20

T. albopilosum nicaraguan .5" $10

T. vagans close to 1" $15

H. pulchripes slings $45 larger ones $70

P. murinus rcf 1" $35

P. murinus rcf sexed females (2 available)
Over 3" $115

S. calceatum slings (close to an inch) $30

A. chalcodes 2.5" to 3.5" $60

H. gigas 1" $30


Desert hairy scorpions $25


Peanut beetles- starter cultures $20

Established cultures $40


Dwarf purple Isopods 50/$25

Cubaris sp rubber ducky(regular and pink) 6/$40

Cubaris sp blonde duckies $8 ea for 5 or more.

Cubaris sp panda king 12/$25

Cubaris murina "papaya" 15/$25

Porcellio scaber orange koi 15/$25

Porcellio laevis "dairy cow" 20/$15

***Freebie with every order.
Choices of freebie includes A. anax, A. chalcodes, or starter dwarf purple isopod culture***

Discounts on multiple animal orders. Minimum purchase of $35.

Please message me to place your order and send zip for exact shipping cost. Shipping is via FedEx overnight. I accept Paypal and Cashapp.

Guarantee live arrival on overnight shipping only. If DOA occurs please contact me within two hours of arrival time posted by FedEx. Refund will be issued once I've verified via photos the deceased animal. If you'd prefer a replacement over refund let me know and will setup a shipment for the replacement.