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  1. Tarantula hawk in-situ

    Tarantula hawk in-situ

    Pepsis mildei dragging a paralyzed immature male Aphonopelma eutylenum
  2. mud dauber trying to steal my slings

    mud dauber trying to steal my slings

    This is a new problem for me. she can def break into my phid enclosures which have large ventilation holes covered with a nylon section.. better relocate them to a secure room! though even then they arent safe as the space beneath the door allows entry.. :/
  3. Triscolia ardens

    Triscolia ardens

    Similar in appearance to velvet ants, Triscolia ardens is native to the southwest. parasitoids of scarabidae larvae- specifically phyllophaga, but later-emerging individuals may be forced to target amblynoxia or cotinis.
  4. Pepsis thisbe

    Pepsis thisbe

    A very large species of tarantula-hawk- these reach and often exceed 4cm in body length- this species targets large mature aphonopelma.
  5. Dasymutilla nocturna

    Dasymutilla nocturna

    Polymorphic with three known color-forms- White, golden yellow, and a pale greenish-gray