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  1. Z

    US Looking for a mature female p. Regalis

    Hello I had a mm p. Regalis just molt out so I am looking for a female or if you would like home let me know.
  2. JSReptilesUK

    Some of the reptile family!

    Majority of our pets are reptiles, so figured I would show you some of them. First is Drax our male Goniurosaurus Orientalis (Japanese Cave Gecko) Then Namira our female Abronia Graminea (Black Eye phase Mexican Alligator Lizard) And finally one of our royals, the male Butter poss het OG -...
  3. JSReptilesUK


    Just wanted to drop a message to say hello - I have been an avid exotics keeper for several years now, mostly reptiles but I do now have 15 tarantulas! And although I care for them to the best of my ability, I wanted to come and learn more from the more experienced keepers. My favourites are...
  4. Reptilian Nation Expo

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO-Victorville, CA-NOV. 18-19, 2017

    2 Buildings of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies. Tons of Breeders and Vendors. Venomous Snake Presentations, Exhibits and Shows. DATES/TIMES November 18 (10am-5pm) Novemver 19 (11am-5pm) LOCATION[B/] San Bernardino County Fairgrounds Building 1 and 2 14800 7th St...