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psalmopoeus pulcher

  1. T Lurksalot

    US ISO Female Psalmopoeus Pulcher

    Looking for a subadult or young adult, if you have one you’re willing to part with please DM me, thanks!
  2. Avicularia Kael

    Psalmopoeus pulcher questions

    I am really amazed by this species, but I have some questions: How fast? Stronger venom??? Temperament? Care difficulty?
  3. JSReptilesUK

    P. Pulcher Enclosures

    Hi! Can I please see some of your enclosures for the above species? Mine is currently a 1cm sling, but looking for ideas for when s/he is bigger :) I have seen mixed opinions as to whether this is an arboreal or semi-arboreal species, so if anyone can clarify for me that would be great :)...