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  1. P

    What species is my T?

    I was told it’s a pink tie tarantula at the store when I got it but it doesn’t look like the baby pictures of them I see online.
  2. P

    T keeps disappearing

    Hello. I am new to owning a tarantula. It is an avicularia avicularia. It keeps DISAPPEARING. Idk where she goes. I just see empty tank for a while and then she’s like right there. Does anyone know what she’s doing?
  3. CQ101

    US Pink Toe Tarantula

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a good place to buy a Pink Toe Tarantula. I've read up on how they are a good beginer Tarantula, but am haveing a hard time finding a trusted place where I can get one. I would really prefer one thats female. So where are some good websites or places to go to get...